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Our aim is simply to provide cost-effective solutions to all of our customers to provide local jobs for local people with the aim to take on apprentices and suitably train them to NVQ and industry standards. To take away the heavy burden which sometimes comes along with the product and offer free impartial advice and replace it with knowledge and expertise.


The control of asbestos regulation 2012 came into force on 6th April 2012 regulation 4.The duty to manage asbestos. The duty to manage covers all non-domestic premises. Such premises include all industrial, commercial or public buildings such as factories, warehouses, offices, shops, hospitals and schools. Important the law has now changed. Any persons or company planning to change the structure a building must now carry out a refurbishment or demolition survey.


It is the legal responsibility of the ‘Duty Holder’ to access the risk from Asbestos as identified in this report, it must identify and record where asbestos may be, including its location & condition. Keep an up to date register, this information must be clear and structured so that any personal can easy understand where asbestos location are. This must also be protected from unauthorised changes.

The duty holder must communicate to all personnel including maintenance, contractor and visitor where asbestos may be, including the quantity and condition of all ACMs. The duty to manage does not require asbestos to be removed. If it’s in good condition then it can be manged. If in doubt presume all materials until proven otherwise!

At JPS we can take all of this hassle away from you, our qualified technicians can provide not only surveying and sampling we also provide a user friendly simple to use electronic asbestos register for an addition cost.

JPS limited is a Pembrokeshire based asbestos consultancy offering a whole range of asbestos risk management services. We offer independent expert advice from the site based technicians up to the managing director. We appreciate that in the current industry strict times and budgets can cost out clients. Therefore we always strive to complete each task no matter how big or small the project, safely and within the estimated timeframe.

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